Bottle Design

The Bottle Design is aDALESTapplication. It provides the user with a chain of connected segments. These segments define the profile of a bottle. There is an axis on the screen and the bottle profile is positioned on the right of the axis. When the user is ready, the application rotates the object around the axis and produces a 3D rotational image – this process is similar to the applicationsPotter's WheelandMath Wheel

The goal of the application is to define bottles with specific volume and/or surface. If needed the user can ask the system to display the calculation of volume and surface

  1. Try to reconstruct bottles around you
  2. Try to create other non-bottle objects, like glasses, cups, amphorae, etc.
  3. Study the mathematical instructions for calculating the volume and the surface; try to understand how things are done for rotational objects defined by 1, 2 or more segments
  4. Find the shape of a bottle with maximal (or minimal) volume-surface ratio
  5. Having some bottle designed, try to find out the level of the liquid in it if it is half the volume of the bottle
  6. Design a bottle which bottom half's volume is twice bigger then the top half's
  7. Create rotational solids with this application and recreate them withPotter's WheelorMath Wheel
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