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The DALEST Project

For the last 20 years dynamic geometry software have been increasingly used for teaching geometry; however it is not suitable for teaching stereometry in middle schools in a creative and explorative way. DALEST stands for Developing Active Learning Environment for Stereometry.

Partners in the project are University of Cyprus, University of Southampton, University of Lisbon, University of Sofia, University of Athens, N.K.M Netmasters and Cyprus Mathematics Teachers Association. The project is co-funded by the European Union under the Socrates Program, MINERVA, 2005 Selection


The main objective is the development of a dynamic 3D geometry microworld, which enables students to construct, observe and manipulate geometrical figures in space, and teachers to help students construct understanding of stereometry

Elica-DALEST Applications

An essential part of the software developed in the project is the set of Elica-DALEST applications. They are used to practice measuring of volume and surface of 3D solids, exploring various intersections of solids and planes, as well as playing with the reverse problems of well known nets problems

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