The Scissors is aDALESTapplication. It implements the reversed problem of cube net folding. The task is to cut a cube (or another 6-faced solid) into a given net. Users can rip along any of the edges. If they rip more edges than necessary, a net cannot be produced. If they rip less edges than necessary, the system will rip the rest (selecting arbitrary edges). The application has three sets – stuffed cubes and stuffed toys are the same as in the Stuffed Toys application. The third set is the Ribbons set, which is much harder to solve and requires a strong imagination and visual memory. The figures resemble the ribbons attached to kimono suits

  1. Rip a cube to produce a predefined net
  2. Rip a cube starting from one end of the net, from the other or from the middle
  3. Rip a cube in way to produce a flipped or rotated net of the predefined net
  4. Find the number of cuts needed to produce specific net. Which of the 11 nets needs the minimal/maximal number of cuts?
  5. Determine criteria whether a ripped off cube can be unfolded without problems (i.e. all faces are unfolded and there is no need to the application to cut additional edges)
  6. Find all possible ways to cut a cube into 1, 2, 3 and 6 equal pieces; prove that it is no possible to cut a cube into 4 or 5 equal pieces
  7. Apply experience gained in ripping a cube while ripping stuffed toys
  8. Rip a ribbon to produce a predefined net
  9. Find methods for helping the rip off of a ribbon
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